Saturday, November 22, 2008

Angel Art Doll /Tree Topper

I created this unique Angel Art Doll that can also be used as a tree topper. The only thing that is traditional about this Angel is her wings! She will look incredible on top of a tree during the holidays as well as on display in you home long after the tree has been put away.

The Angel's arms are poseable and the star can be removed.

Available @

OOAK {One Of A Kind) Mixed Media Angel Art Doll/Tree Topper
Sculpted Head and Hands
Glass Eyes
18" Tall

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Holidays are coming

This month we will be at Gruene on Nov. 15th and 16th. The historic town of Gruene can really put you in the mood for the Holidays. There will be pictures with Cowboy Kringle this month and in Dec. the market is on Dec 5th and 6th. Cowboy Kringle will be back and there will be Holiday Entertainment including the lighting of the Christmas lights, the Pony Express riding through town, and much more. At the Little Meadow Studios booth you will be able to find lots of jewelry, mirorrs, ornaments, and other gift ideas perfect for the holidays. The market is open Saturday and Sunday from 10-5. Come on by, say hey, and get some holiday shopping done.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Pumpkin Princess!

I created this Pumpkin Princess Art Doll for a "pumpkin auction" at the school I teach. Each class is given 2 funkins to decorate for the auction at our Fall Fest...The money raised goes to the teachers to use for classroom supplies :) When the time came for me to donate her, my son became very upset. "You cann't donate her to St. Matthew's! Donate her back to yourself!!!" my 3 year old cried as big tears rolled down his face! He had become just as attached to this Pumpkin Princess as I had. I came home and talked it over with my husband and we decided if the bid wasn't high enough, we would bid on her and consider it a donation to the school.. so, at the end of the auction, my husband did put in the high bid and we took her back home. I have to admit, it felt strange "buying' my own art but I really wanted her back;) I decided to give her to my mom for her birthday. My son and I knew my mom would take care of our Pumpkin Princess and we could visit her anytime!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Creepy Bake Sale Cookies

LadyFingers 008
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Anyone who knows me, knows I usually don't bake anything unless it's polymer clay. So the fact that I volunteered to make cookies for my son's school's fall fest bake sale is a big deal! The only way I could get excited about baking cookies was to find something that was "sculpted" as in these Severed Finger Cookies. I thought it was a great idea and CJ (my son) seemed to like it OK (although he suggested stars, I went with fingers...) Well, apparently I should have listened to him because he freaked out when he saw the "blood" on the fingers! "What is THAT???? I don't like it! Take it off!" *sigh* My third graders thought they were neat but I guess the severed finger cookies are not appropriate for preschooler! Now I know... Of course I still have to face the other moms at the bake sale. I wonder if they will even put the cookies out? Do at least get credit for trying????

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


This OOAK polymer clay pop-up puppet art doll was inspired by Gregory Maguire's book "Wicked, The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West" The doll was created during a doll retreat with the members of CTADS and TAODA with instructor Marilynn Huston.

This is the first pop-up puppet that I have created and I LOVE IT!!! It is such a fun piece and I love that it actually moves up and down :) It looks great hanging on the wall or it can be held up with a doll stand.

This pop-up puppet is NOT a toy. It is an original art piece and is not intended for play. No molds were used in the sculpting process.

Materials; ProSculpt Brown, 8mm glass eyes, purple mohair, black satin, black crushed velvet, black boa, small gold beads, perlEx powders...

Monday, September 29, 2008

Show Schedule

Elizabeth and I are thrilled to announce that we will be at the Gruene Market Days for Oct, Nov, and Dec. We will be in the same booth spot all three times. Remember to just look for the pink vanity. :) We have lots of fun Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas items planned as well as our usual offering of jewelry and accessories which all make great gifts!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Organization 002

So this is what happens when you start to teach preschool... Everything gets sorted and labeled!

Organization 002
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