Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Pumpkin Princess!

I created this Pumpkin Princess Art Doll for a "pumpkin auction" at the school I teach. Each class is given 2 funkins to decorate for the auction at our Fall Fest...The money raised goes to the teachers to use for classroom supplies :) When the time came for me to donate her, my son became very upset. "You cann't donate her to St. Matthew's! Donate her back to yourself!!!" my 3 year old cried as big tears rolled down his face! He had become just as attached to this Pumpkin Princess as I had. I came home and talked it over with my husband and we decided if the bid wasn't high enough, we would bid on her and consider it a donation to the school.. so, at the end of the auction, my husband did put in the high bid and we took her back home. I have to admit, it felt strange "buying' my own art but I really wanted her back;) I decided to give her to my mom for her birthday. My son and I knew my mom would take care of our Pumpkin Princess and we could visit her anytime!

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