Thursday, October 16, 2008

Creepy Bake Sale Cookies

LadyFingers 008
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Anyone who knows me, knows I usually don't bake anything unless it's polymer clay. So the fact that I volunteered to make cookies for my son's school's fall fest bake sale is a big deal! The only way I could get excited about baking cookies was to find something that was "sculpted" as in these Severed Finger Cookies. I thought it was a great idea and CJ (my son) seemed to like it OK (although he suggested stars, I went with fingers...) Well, apparently I should have listened to him because he freaked out when he saw the "blood" on the fingers! "What is THAT???? I don't like it! Take it off!" *sigh* My third graders thought they were neat but I guess the severed finger cookies are not appropriate for preschooler! Now I know... Of course I still have to face the other moms at the bake sale. I wonder if they will even put the cookies out? Do at least get credit for trying????

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Teresa said...

Well, if it's any consolation I think they look really did the bake sale go...anyone buy the severed fingers?