Monday, June 23, 2008

Family Secrets

Elizabeth and I are sister-in-laws. She is married to my big brother who use to make me pay him $5 just to take me and my friends down the street to the mall and back. Who knew he was charging 2008 gas prices back in 1990. *giggles* He is much nicer now of course and has even gotten a wee bit cool, you should check out the band he plays in. Anyway, Elizabeth and I both covet my Mom's Cream Cheese Cookies. She made them for the first time for a baby shower about a year ago. Of course I was unable to attend said baby shower and soon began hearing of these new cookies Mom was making. Next Christmas my Mom walked in the door and two of my cousins immediately begin yelling. " Aunt Ann's here!" exclaimed John. "Did she bring the cream cheese cookies?" hollered Geoff. Then I watched as my Mom got tackle hugged by her two college-aged nephews who tried to relieve her of the burden of four boxes of cookies! Mom batted there hands away and said,"Stop it I've got to put them on the plate! Nancy get your sons off me!" So I go quietly follow Mom into the laundry room where she is plating her cookies in peace. I ask her if these are the infamous cookies I've heard so much about as she slides two into my hand. These little discs of happiness truly do melt in your mouth. They are so incredibly good. After exclaiming how delicious they are and giving her a quick peck on the check I begin to beg for the recipe. "Nope it's a secret!" says Mom quite smugly if I do say so myself. I continue to badger her for the recipe at every family event. Finally, at the next Thanksgiving I find out she gave the recipe to my Aunt Nancy! As I have a school potluck (I teach kindergarten) coming up I beg and beg and beg for the recipe. Finally Mom caves. Huzzah! The recipe is mine. Of course looking at the recipe I can tell that Mom really puts in more vanilla and a few other things need to be changed until I have reproduced Mom's Heaven in a cookie. At the potluck the cookies vanish and I start getting emails begging for the recipe. Of course, I've been sworn to secrecy! So just for you dear blog readers..........(don't worry Mom I'm just kidding). I won't give out the real secret recipe but here are some links to some interesting cream cheese cookie recipes that will hopefully help you find your own new secret cookie recipe.
Whole Foods Organic Cream Cheese Cookies
Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies

Coconut Bream Cheese Cookies
Lemon Cream Cheese Cookies
Low Sugar Cream Cheese Cookies

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